Things that people think that are wrong (well apart from one person or group of people) but that person or group of people are almost certainly isn't you) - this is all one line fuck knows what it says

my cats associate their afternoon / evening feed with me arriving back home from work

which is fine, but if I’m at home all day and pop out to the shop for 10 minutes, they go mental when I get back thinking it’s dinner time and won’t leave me alone


I would enjoy a thread about “Things that other things aren’t called but are considered default names for that thing”

We’re going to get a cat in September. I am a man of dogs but I am still quite excited.

Got to replace the catflap though…

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Who are you gonna get! :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

Why not get a cat then? We can’t get a dog as we are out of the house Tues-Thurs.

Your cats are going to fucking hate you.

Stop trying to push your Caffè Tonè agenda.



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Default dog! Good choice :heart:

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You’re in luck

(There was foam in my Caffé Toné today)


They get smelly and then die quickly though isn’t it not.


That’s why we never had one. They age rapidly and you can tell they are going to snuff it because they go smelly. Or at least that’s what my parents used to say… although we had a Great Dane and he died at 7 which is fairly usual. Wasn’t too smelly though.

Plus you should get a rescue dog.

Yeah, sorry, shouldn’t have said that. Hope you have many happy years with your lab (they are nice dogs and won’t take the face off your cats or any kids).

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Could just be bullshit my dad spouted that you take into later life believing to be true like American Football is stop start with minor gains due to the attritional nature of American wars vs freeflowing football due to GB’s empire building.

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Great Danes dying at 7 and shit feels like a biological fuck up. Like something that big and Irish Wolfhounds and stuff should live to 30+. Would like one but would be worried I would be digging a massive hole in the garden in under 10 years (or give it to the vet I dunno) and I cba

Yeah the problem is we probably don’t know that most of it is bullshit.

My mother also has German words that she says that she claims are true (for baggy trousers, a protruding upper lip etc) but when I have ever mentioned them to other Germans it turns out they are pure nonsense.



Yeah RIP Bruno. He was massive too. His paw print was bigger than the paw print of the world’s biggest dog published in the GBoR. He wasn’t taller though. Soft as fuck and thick too.

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