Things that scared you as a kid


just seen this after a gap of two decades.

fucking eurgh

wheelers - standard

sorry this is a total reddit thread, tommy’s tongue tho, fucking hell.



actually came here to say the Rugrats episode where one of them thinks they have a monster under their bed… what were the rugrats creators trying to do to us?!?

there’s definitely some similarly nightmarish moments in Adventure Time, glad kids these days are still getting spooked


this bit in the animals of farthing wood


strange but true and 999 were the only shows me and my brother were allowed to stay up past out bed time for <3

great telly


that was a fucking harrowing cartoon right enough. jesus. the way she says please…


Where my parents used to live, we used to have low flying RAF jets flying over at supersonic speeds on training. They’re fucking loud. My Mam always enjoys telling the story of me asking when I was a toddler “Are they called Harrier Jump Jets because they make you jump?”


Eddie Scissorhands


my parents let me watch crimewatch for some strange reason. learnt about some things i could have happily been unaware of for another 5 or 6 years


Scared the shit out of me


yes this too


aye, from memory 999 was just a series of people being impaled on things, javelins… railings… door handles. probably left me with a healthy mistrust of sharp things as well as the nightmares tbf


fantasia did my nut a bit.


Those graphic public information films they used to do. Boy getting fried retrieving a football from an electricity sub station, etc.


standing on wasp nests


you know those substation signs?

always thought that they were like… some electric pit void thing that you would fall into and die. like, you’d be falling and being electrocuted at the same time.


Tbh, I’ve steered so clear of the places since seeing the film as a kid I’ve never got close enough to see the signage.


Nuclear war.


reminds me of this great sign they have in residential blocks in sweden warning of the dangers of decapitating yourself in lifts with a recycling bin. not sure what effect repeated exposure to that as a child would have had on me


yep that was an old favourite. falling through decaying roofs as well.

didn’t like the ones about people being brave and resourceful tho, just people being prats and nearly copping it.