Things that seem to get everywhere


I seem to spend such a lot of my time picking my hair out of stuff. I don’t know how it gets everywhere but it even made it onto the face of someone talking to me at work today and they then got it in their mouth and I had to be like oops sorry. They must have touched my desk and then their face and it was just hanging there?





Cat hair


My gf’s hair/hairbands/hairclips/bobby pins


I’ve had 3 of my hair bobbles on my front door step for quite some time now.


Always another hairband to discover in some corner of our house.

Dust bunnies also get everywhere. It’s like two minutes after you hoover they’re out in force again.




Are you dusting first or hoovering first?


sand/rubber crumb from artificial football pitches


It’s carcinogenic as well right? Good stuff


surely everybody dusts first so as to collect the dislodged dust with the hoover afterwards?


that nostalgic feeling when you shake some (rubber crumb) out from a pair of socks and remember (playing football on an artificial surface) in the summer…


No WE tend to hoover the dust first


Fucking clothes


Jury’s out on that one still, I think:


Correct @meowington I dust first. It just seems like they come back so quickly. It’s probably because we have carpets upstairs so they come down from there.


Dust is everywhere, sweep!


Assless chaps?


Gregg Wallace


cables. no matter how much i try to organise them, the fuckers are everywhere.