Things that sent you under as a kid

My mum playing the pools and that TV broadcast that read out the results of all the games in a really depressing voice.

Most shopping centres around the North West in the late 80s. Everything seemed so brown/orange*


*Side note: do you remember those massive black CCTV units in Boots back then? Looked a hit like a dalek head.


Watched an episode of Kilroy about out of body experiences. Refused to go to sleep for a few days in case I floated off and couldn’t get back.


Also, this guy



Being in the back of a car. Coping mechanism for travel sickness.



Best quiz show there’s ever been. Henry Kelly, what a man.


I remember hearing about black holes when I was about seven years old, and being petrified that I was going to be sucked into one and die

Oh yeah - standing up to sing hymns in church.


Hated and still hate those old time black and white films with kind of showtime reedy music in them. In the 80s they were always shown on Sundays. I hated Sundays generally really.

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Similarly, I caught a snippet of some documentary where they were saying cracks in the walls of your house were signs of possible earthquake/volcanic activity - I was terrified. Looking back it seems unlikely the docu was designed to alert scottish people about the danger of lava seeping through cracks in their walls but that’s the message I took from it.

I don’t understanding “sent you under” as a phrase. ;(


The episode of Rugrats where they think theres a monster under the bed but its just a crumpled up sweater.

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I’m using it to mean sending you into a spiral of ennui or depression but you can interpret it however you like, sheeldz.


the wheelers in return to Oz & my mum singing you are my sunshine. thought someone was going to take me away. possibly wheelers.

oh finding out about organ donation as well, had nightmares about my mam dying and someone wearing her skin for years, lol.


Anything about an epidemic or disease on the news - BSE/CJD, measles or even turberculosis would be brutal for pre teen me.

Couldn’t stand the Incredible Hulk Tv series and spitting image, genuinely frightened me.


Spiderman growing extra arms absolutely freaked my nut when I was a kid. Was sent into a spiral of curiosity and revulsion combined.


Bully off of Bullseye. Was a bit scared of the loud mooing that they played when he appeared.

Also cow related but I was paranoid about stampedes for a bit as I saw a kids TV programme where loads of cows escaped and ran through a village.

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Also didn’t like the gunge tank on Noel’s House Party. Found it a bit cruel.

Watching a video at school about rabies. Terrifying AND I fancied the girl who died in it.


The thought of dying in your sleep made me stop sleeping for a while. Also when I was 5 became convinced that the burglar alarm in our old house was spying on me and used to run past it as quickly as possible so they would have limited images of me