Things that should be better designed by now


How are we still designing and installing taps and sinks in public bathrooms that cause massive splashback and cover the surfaces with water?

And why is marckee not apologising for this?




Bottles without screwtops


Audio conferencing (phones and etc.). can do live HD video chat but still always sounds like you’re having a conversation through a cement mixer


usb cables etc.

How is the lightning the only one that can go in both ways? (thanks apple <3)


That’s because most people don’t have preamps installed to their moms or have cheap mics my friend.


my preamp’s installed to your mom


USB-C my friend. @1101010


tbf all of them (including lightning) still have a standard usb the other end, which is still bullshit.


USB-C doesn’t my friend. @1101010


yes, yes it does


No it doesn’t! @1101010




No it doesn’t! MUM!!!




oh cool - they plug in to all my usb slots do they?


of course they fucking don’t you massive pile of idiotspunk


MATE @1101010


you’d need one of those pointless new USB-C MacBooks to use such a cable since I don’t think there are any other machines out there with a USB-C port built into them.

But there are Anker batteries that do USB-C out as @Antpocalypsenow found when he was shopping around, so I guess plugs with USB-C out are there too.