Things that should be ironed (polls)

Hope he’s not done a Harold Bishop in the Hot Tug™

I used to iron pretty much everything, including sheets and grundies, but these days I only iron my shirts. It does make a difference to how your clothes feel, and it makes bedding feel amazing.

Ironing my shirts takes me 20 minutes every week, and I don’t mind doing it in front of the TV or something.

It’s not how they look it’s how they feel. Rarely if ever bother though if I’m being honest

Totally get you, but theo explicitly said look. Lots of things feel better if ironed, but apart from work shirts, im not ironing anything

Theo? Fuck yeah!

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this is so true, not enough to make me get the iron out to do it

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  • Naturally
  • Why would you?
  • Who TF even uses a hankie? this isn’t 1956

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My nan would absolutely have answered yes to ironing everything


Nothing needs to be ironed. Nothing.

If an item of clothing “needs” to be ironed in order to look presentable, that item of clothing should be rendered obsolete.

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Only sociopaths don’t iron shirts


Ironing is one of those things that technological advances haven’t made much less labour intensive isn’t it?

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Haven’t ironed anything in about five years I reckon.

The best use of an iron was when I was a teenager and I got candle wax all over the carpet (and my balls!) and my cousin got a piece of kitchen towel and the iron and ironed it clean off.

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Lycra melts

Depends on what it is.

The trouser press exists, and it’s possible to automate the ironing of sheets and towels - hotels do it, for example.

How do you know I’m not Tracey Emin though?

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On a commercial scale, maybe, but I want a domestic ironing solution that takes minimal effort.

I mean, I don’t. Hi Tracey

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Your cousin ironed your balls?