Things that should be obsolete by now, but aren't


I had to buy a new tin opener on Friday - as the handle snapped off on my old one

Like 70% of tin cans don’t need a tin opener to open them - lets make that final push up to 100% and stop messing about with this annoying gadget


1p coins


Find it easier to use a tin opener than using some of those hecking ring pulls


Always have to slide a knife under the ring pull and lever it away from the tin before I can pull it with my fingers


First past the post


fax machines


I’ve had the ring fail on me and needed an tin opener as back up


Always need to have a can opener as backup for those ones where the ringpull just breaks off.



it’s fucking 2017 and you want me to write my name down as a means of security? lol ok then


Guys - all this is saying that the tin manufacturers need to up their game - not that we should still be using tin openers in 2017

In the old days you had to use a hole punch thing to open a can of beer/ coke / lemonade - it was not a better system than what we have now


Opened the thread to say tin openers, nothing else to add


Little Chefs




bit heightest there m8


Fax machines. Get back to the 80s and stay there.


National borders, I mean really.


can anyone remember those cans with two holes that you’d press through… one small one (for relieving the pressure?) then a big one to drink out of…




financial transactions in general


Did you open it with a ring pull?