Things that sound like they might be sexual but aren't really





yeah I found the other definition of this last month




Full penetration butt welding


literally everything to do with the care and maintenance of bicycles


That one most definitely is rude!









Not quite what you mean but look at the more people section :joy:


Argel Fucks David Seaman


I remember one time finding a section in my Physics GCSE textbook about the four stroke petrol engine. “Suck, squeeze, bang, blow.”

Dunno why I was so shit at Physics, should’ve been an absolute master of it.


In gcse chemistry there was molten slag that made everyone go :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I work in construction/ with cement and have to say ‘slag’ several times a day :+1: #lad


Ground granulated blast furnace slag to be more accurate. Sexual.



Had a physics lecturer called Cockburn and in the first lecture he made a big point of ensuring were all knew it was pronounced co-burn. So obviously we a) always referred to him as cockburn and b) pretended any other word starting co- actually started cock. Cockpilot, cockincidence, cockrrelaton etc etc


omg :smiley: inspired

My history teacher’s married surname was Condon. Sensibly, she chose to use her maiden surname (Anderson) for teaching

We also had a school ‘house’ called Hiscock and every sports day the other 4 houses would chant “YOU SUCK, HISCOCK!”. This is the legit reason they changed it a few years after I left.


Being anal