Things that take a long time

Noticed quite a few people in the world and social media making out as if some things don’t take a long time.
Like they live in an entirely different dimension where they get an extra 5 hours in the day.

Exhibit A
Listing things on selling sites like eBay. Takes ages!

Find the thing
Take pics of the thing
Research previous price
Create the add
Answer queries about ad
Package up and post

Takes a long time, but people often make out like it is no effort/time!

What other things take a long time?
Reading this thread lol! No, because tl;dr


Making your own pesto, obviously


Making baked beans
Threads about cities

Theyre the main ones





Seeing any benefit of exercise


Sometimes I’m like “maybe this will never end?”
There must be someone that just never stopped pissing and died or something

Softening onions


Saving money in an ISA or something, even when the rates weren’t incredibly bad. “Oh cool so in like 5 years if I don’t touch my money I can have an extra £200?! Meh forget it!”

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So much this

If you mention using something like musicmagpie someone is guaranteed to explain to you that you can get much more money for your stuff on a selling site. Look, if I wanted to use up that much of my spare time it would be more cost effective to put the stuff in the bin and get a second job.

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sagrada família. taking the piss a bit now lads, hurry it up


Pouring beer. And I still can’t do it without ending up with 3 inches of foam on top


People who claim to decorate whole rooms in a weekend can only be lying or doing a really shoddy job or are much much better at it than me, but I’ve done loads over the years

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Literally painted my daughter’s bedroom today, started taping about 9am, just about to do the second coat on the final wall :man_shrugging:

It’s not a professional job and it’s not a massive bedroom but it will be fine (and there are two of us though tbh I don’t think it would’ve taken much longer without Mrs HYG’s… help).

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gloss and ceiling too? hat off to you

Nah just walls, house was a blank slate when we moved in but was done, so skirting etc is fine, just changing up the colour

yeah that’s fair enough - can deff do 2 or 3 coats on the walls in a day (although getting stuff in and out, covering things up always takes forever)

We all have the same 24 hours as Molly Mae


It takes me ages to get started

Watching Eternals

amirite, @andyvine ?