Things that used to be bigger/Things that used to be smaller

Used to be bigger: the arse end of a television
Used to be smaller: the screen of a television

Used to be bigger: My brain
Used to be smaller: My belly


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Used to be bigger: Curly Wurlies
Used to be smaller: Peter Kay

Stop eating your brain



Were curly wurlies actually bigger or is this just a perception thing?

Used to be bigger: the general amount of space on roads, in car parks etc.
Used to be smaller: cars

Imagine if the trend continues!

I can’t answer them but will display two pictures. The first shows that most choccies have not and the second is just some wurlers



Whams - u2bb
Dictionary - u2bs

bad data interpretation on that first one.
shows a notable decline in weight from 90s/00s to present day.

One day you’ll need a shed to keep your dictionary.

You would need to ask Dongers what he means by ‘used to’.

I do not

People are trending towards owning smaller dogs

and yet leads are getting longer!

And more extendable

Computers: getting smaller
RAM: getting bigger

do you think the world gets bigger as it flies around space because small bits of junk/dust from asteroids float down to it?

the extendability used to be smaller