Things that we all did everyday on old DiS but have now totally forgotten


I’ll start

  • threadsmash
  • Autofill replies and Autofill threads


Mum jokes


Isn’t it weird that we used to have a little space for a title for the post






I miss this, above all.


No, your mum jokes.


Make each other really upset with aggressive posturing


Remember how some people didn’t know about the threadsmash button and thought people were just typing threadsmash for the hell of it.


234 days since a Diser …


Seems weird now that literally everyone used to have several accounts. A rogue moderator made me one once for the craic, and there was a tool called ‘possible pseudonmys’, which i guess just listed accounts with matching IPs. Virtually all the regular posters had five or six accounts (some of them weren’t joke accounts either). DOTS had about 25. cat-race had about 60. Foley had over 150. How did we hold down jobs?



(as in “like 85% of personal anecdote threads on DiS, this is craven boastfulness disguised as angst”)




Foley’s accounts were impossible to keep track off, but that was part of the fun.


Finishing a long post with PAT


I think my lowest point was creating a ‘jude’ account so I could reply with ‘hey’ to @meths in a post he’d made about the Beatles. I think he’d just put ‘hey jude’.

Good times.


I wonder if the Paul Daniels/Debbie McGee threads are still up


Huge fan of the AlanShearer account, and Mehodor’s Orange.


I wrote a reply, but the boards ate it.



That’s the sort of commitment that new Dis is missing