Things that wear out that you replace with the exact same thing?

Brought the same pair of headphones 6 times in a row have you?
Onto your 3rd henry vacuum cleaner?

Please let me know. Preferably in this thread.

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Retractable two lined Minky. Get through one a year. £15 a pop so I am willing to do it.

ooof, gone up in price

Don’t worry!

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Tend to replace my Levis 511s whenever the current pair are done (black, 30 waist 32 leg, thanks).


Plectrums, but they don’t wear out, I just lose them.


M&S black suit trousers and Uniqlo slim fit jeans. I’ve bought about half a dozen pairs of each in the same size over and over again.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 2E running shoes. Ideally, I’d buy several pairs in bulk to last me a couple of years, but the 2Es (the extra wide ones) are pretty rare, and they’re a bit of a ballache to track down.

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At least, that was the theory, but when I moved I found about fifteen of the fuckers stashed away so I’m probably sorted for a while.

My brother bought me a guitar about 8 years ago, together with a bag of about 30 plectrums. Mrs F queried this and he said “you always lose plectrums”. She replied “you don’t know him very well do you?”

Still using the first one. The others are in the bag in the spare room.


h&m grey trousers

I got some different ones (silicone and felt) to try and I feel they’re going to live on top of my amp for a very long time.

What are you doing with your minky in order to wear it out so quickly, U need up your washing machine rpm and dry those clothes out more go 1600rpm man for god sake!
Or I would advise to invest in some 7 strand or over para cord, will last longer and same cost

These things snap. if they were made of metal I would never need to change. Minky know what they are doing:


Regina Blitz

Toilet roll


So staggered nobody has said Your Mum yet.

I’m gonna go with drumsticks. Vic Firth 5as for life, baby!

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I don’t feel that needs mentioning. Once you blitz you never go back.

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I don’t doubt that, what do you make of the para cord idea? ( u probably don’t know but Para cord is a special cord they use in the Army/Special Ops, don’t ask how I know)

I would be concerned that my wife would strangle me with it.

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Jeans and very often shoes