Things that were expensive at the time but over time have proved remarkable value

I winced at paying £17 for a handheld bike pump from Evans. Five years on and innumerable (probably around 30) air top-ups later, and I can’t believe how sceptical i ever was

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Then my work here is done

You’re still on 57p per inflation. You can do all your car tyres for 20p.


Sorry to piss on your chips mate.

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Spent far more money than I was comfortable with on a Ted Baker coat a few years ago but it’s just about still good.

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bought a big thing of douwe egberts at full price

usually only buy whatever is on offer, but figured it works out at like 5p a cup of coffee or something so fuck it might as well get the nice one

Quite like my house too tbf.

Probs my iPad - use it absolutely tons

Oh and my dunlopillo


£600 mattress was a very good call actually. I was sceptical but it’s very, very comfortable.

Bought a tub of Dax hair gel stuff many years ago. Used it on and off for a while, am currently using it daily and the stuff doesn’t seem to dissipate at all. Reckon there’s years left in it. Probably only cost a few quid.

At the same time, I do feel distressingly tied to it. There is probably a better product for me out there, but how will I ever know when I have to spend years working through each option?

Oh yeah and my easyJet wanker card - easily the best money I’ve spent recently

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I think I get about a year out of each £4 small tin of VO5 wax/clay/putty/whateverthefuckitis. Can’t complain at that.

$55 for a windbreaker in 2018 and it’s been one of the best clothing decisions I’ve made in decades.

i was a red dax wax man for many a year

I’ve had the same Lancôme eyeliner pencil for about 7 years. Wear it everyday and it’s still going.