Things that were expensive at the time but over time have proved remarkable value

I just want to be free :disappointed_relieved:

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My nice cooking pots and knives and shit and my hammocks

Could use some nice knives. What should I get?

I’ve got global and the best part of it is that fidel hated them

If I Google “global knives” am I going to end up on any lists?

Coffee grinder. Cost £100, but used at least daily for two years.

Currently roughly 7.3p per grind?

About 50.6p in 2014 prices??

A list of cool guys maybe

Am I looking at £320 for five knives here

Fucking hell, mine was £30 or so and I winced a bit at that.

Has it got a ceramic burr?

It has a “high quality ceramic conical grinder”, apparently.

Well if you wait for a deal you can get them cheaper. I have two that were maybe £130 for the pair.

Think I’ll stick to using the pizza scissors for everything.

Oh yeah the maths works out similar…

Wait - why do you need two coffee grinders?

One to dispose of bodies