Things that when you hear it you always say it in a silly voice either out loud or in your head

So… Geordie then…?

that’s the one


Pretty much always say “I don’t know” in the manner of Homer trying to steal Mr. Burns’ mail.


If I’m watching football and I hear the name Holebas’ then Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani will invariably begin to loop round and round my idiot mind with ‘Holebas’ in place of ‘hollaback’.


My wife


estrella DAAAYYYMM


To be fair, Kronenbourg comes from an area of France that has previously been German, though not in his lifetime. Whereas Tuborg sounds Spanish in what way?

I always read out Facebook posts by friends in their voices/accents in my mind. But that’s quite normal, isn’t it?

Yeah, that’s normal I think. I read e.g. newspaper articles in the accent of the person who wrote it, for example (if I’ve heard them speak before, obviously).

I say fresh avocado like this


Can of worms here tbh.

Créeme freche - creem freesh
Mozzarella - mozarelle
Prosciutto - projuut
Pecan - peh cahhhhn


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I tend to say Michael like Gob does, but I only really know one Mike and I don’t think he’s seen Arrested Development, so I think he just thinks I’m mad.

Spaghetti and marinara from this

And any time I get the chance, reeeee-syyyyyy-cleeeeeeng? Like Mr Burns

Always ask what’s in a box in the style of Brad Pitt at the end of Seven

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