Things that will be good in a post-capitalist society

. Not having to worry about your future
. Being loved and accepted by people for who you are.
. Educating yourself and others for joy instead of profit
. Never having to look for your wallet
. More time to devote to compassionately caring for the planet and other non-human creatures

It’s going to be so great, I’m really happy for those who will get to experience it




Murdering my enemies with impunity
Trading the bones of my enemies for better weapons
Repeat cycle until I’m in charge


no you won’t be doing that


Who’s gonna stop me

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the power of love


Safebruv and Love, outside O Sheas after school.

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would encourage you all to visualise post-capitalism in a positive and caring way

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Alright Frankie


The death by committee for everything and anything. Hope I’m long dead

. things will be more durable

O’Sheas, an hour and half?

sad to hear you are a troll, I don’t recall knowing this but hope the PCS treats you well and you have a change of heart

Won’t need to be a patent twat any more because private property will be abolished so I can instead follow my dream of being a… erm… might need to get back to you on that.

you can just have fun or relax and be boring if you prefer. Will be totally your choice but no pressure either

you’ll have more time to play cards/visit exotic toilets.


visit quiet seating areas that don’t exist


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Why does that make me a troll? Odd

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. we can finally lay down the heavy burden of treating everything in life seriously