Things that won't be happening now the Tories haven't got a majority

A ‘thank fuck that didn’t happen’ thread.

Fox hunting
National service
National anthem played before all football matches


Effective governing.


devolution for NI

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Leadership challenge to Corbyn.


Extreme Brexit
Grammar schools

some of this is stating the obvious, but there must be loads of stuff we’ve forgotten about which won’t happen, which we can now feel more positive about.

Will the queen get a new yacht now?

My mate’s family won’t get kicked out of their house :+1:



I think that the only things that won’t happen are things in the manifesto that the DUP won’t support.

So you’ll still see the vast majority of it going through, I fear.

Rebel conservative MPs know that they are in a lot of danger if the government collapses, and so will keep it pressing ahead.

Constituency boundary changes (i think)

Thatcher Museum?

celebratory cake for no. 10

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Endless neofascism

celebratory cake for no. 42, another birthday ruined for Yaya Tory

yeah cos the DUP wanting to keep the border between Ireland and NI the same complicates everything innit

Surely them wanting to keep the minimal border that currently exists means that the DUP will soften Brexit? No idea why they campaigned for it at this stage.

A collapse of the good Friday agreement followed by a restart of the troubles… oh shit that’s exactly what is going to happen

4-2-3-1, man in the hole, overlapping wingbacks with one of the pivots dropping in to form a back three when out of posession.

No knighthood for Jim Davidson.