Things that would be nice if you were different to how you are

Watching This Country I was thinking how nice it would be to be a village vicar* if you were a believer.

*he’s a bit actory though, the guy, isn’t he?

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Oh, everything, mostly.

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I’d say loads of priests and the like are non-believers

Yeah I was thinking about that as well. It would get on my tits having to spout shit that I don’t believe in.

But if you are on a cushy number and have a crisis of faith you might as well carry on.

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Been on a bit of Satan’s bouquet have we

It would be nice if I had self-confidence if I were a confident person.

Karaoke would be nice if I could sing.
The selfie thread would be nice if I didn’t hate every photograph of myself.

This isn’t the ‘being down on yourself’ thread, people!


It would be nice if I could g

I would like to do a youtube gardening series but alas I am not a computer/TV/camera dweeb!

May I offer you the services of @ericthefourth (what the fuck does he call himself now?)