Things that you are shocked at how much money people spend on


There’s a thread on the music board of people talking about paying over £300 for headphones like that’s no biggie.

No points for the obvious answers of London property, toast, or Magic: the Gathering decks. Phone contracts and gambling are, however, permitted.


genuinely insane




I tried on a pair of their womens bib tights before the winter started: they were about £150. I almost bought them.




A lot of cheap clothes look rubbish though.


My sister spent £300 doing a juice cleanse once (actually, probably more than once).

That’s one week’s worth of juice.
Probably more than once.


More expensive clothes look rubbish imho.






Pretty much everything.




I suppose HIFI equipment generally

But I haven’t got a leg to stand on criticizing anyone for spending money on anything really


The difference between a £3 t-shirt and a £10 t-shirt is infinitely larger than the difference between a £10 one and a £50 one

(Please feel free to adjust items and costs at your leisure using a similar ratio)


craft beer


Don’t think tshirts are the good standard here, but things like shirts, jeans, jackets etc… You can really tell the difference.

I really wish this wasn’t true. But it is.




Most expensive shirts look incredibly Top Gear, you’ve just got to use nous no matter your price bracket.


Kitchen gadgets. Like mixers and juicers:

That’s more expensive than just about all of our kitchen appliances!


Various television subscriptions