Things that you can snap and then buy at the shops

Bunches of nanas

A Muller corner perhaps?

I guess you can’t really snap it in the shop but if I don’t allow it then this thread is going to be pretty restrictive.

You could keep the lid on and snap the little filling bit over and then take it to a self-scan and buy it if you wanted.

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Glow stick

French stick

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each individual twiglet in a pack

The corner yoghurts really do have a great USP. Well done Muller boffins!

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who was it who saw a happy guy in a shop call them ‘twiggle tees’? Often think of that for some reason.

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Woodrow Wilson I think.


You know those Cadbury’s equivalent ones where there’s bits of a Wispa or whatever near some chocolate liquid? What would the the response from the following people if you said “I’m just going to get a yoghurt” and then had one of those:

  1. Your wife
  2. Your son
  3. The full-roast eater
  4. The new enemy
  5. A stranger in the shop you got the product from

Nobody is called Woodrow anymore.

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mentioned it in his first state of the union address

in france (and I assume other places in europe) it seems to be ok to snap and separate 4 packs of yogurts etc

When I did the home deliveries at Asda, the pickers would always snap them in half to fit them inside the delivery totes - it was the only way to do it really, but I used to feel terrible handing that over to the customer.

Fucking hell.

Acceptable with 4 packs of beer cans but there is no snapping involved there

not sure it’s technically ‘snapping’, but an individual tinnie from a four pack in a corner shop sometimes

Not seen these but I am assuming these:


  1. She would be fine with it, she likes a chocolate mousse or a creme caramel.
  2. ‘Why are you having that? Can I have that?’
  3. ‘What are you eating? Not like you?’
  4. ‘Don’t know your name but before you eat that move your car from its perfectly legitimate parking space.’
  5. I’m not sure
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I’ve seen people snapping the stalks off broccoli in the supermarket - presumably to save money. This seems wrong to me - plus broccoli stalks are really nice

does that guy still spend his lunch breaks sitting in his car and staring at you through the window?