Things that you cannot have too much of



(shout-out to @sarahispi)


I don’t agree with your example


No way, no way!




Well you’re objectively wrong, because I’ve huffed a load of straight vanillin in my time and it’s fantastic.


Jam and head rubs. Both at the same time :heart_eyes:


This was a question in my music pub quiz this month (guess the artist). I guessed Daphne and Celeste.


Your hair will be attacked by wasps


Alright Fuzzy_Dunlop


They were Ooh Stick You, and U.G.L.Y

Daphne and Celeste
Shampoo (of Trouble fame).

Any others?


The Donnas



@safebruv I’d rather be attacked by furry bumble bees.


Not yogurt coated raisins.

I feel sick.



He didn’t make it over to new site who DiS, but he was a big fan of custard. A very big fan. The man really, really likes his custard. If you take my drift.

(Also an absolute hero about being good humoured about it when the idiots in the cheap seats, i.e. me, went for the easy jokes)


I’ve been there, pal.

Best bet is to even yourself out with a bunch of chocolate covered Brazil nuts.


I simply can’t start a bag of chocolate covered nuts (ohh er) or raisins and NOT finish them in one go. I have tried many times.


Haha, okay thank you for the explanation. My detectiving brought me to a rancid urban dictionary definition and The Wire.

He sounds nice though, I’m sad I never got to meet him because I also enjoy custard a heck of a lot.


If this doesn’t summon him, nothing will.


I once ate that much haribo that i was ill and shaking so you can have too much but you try and ignore it


As @epimer said: