Things that you do that you're not sure if other people do


When I’ve got two eggs left, I will place them into opposite corners of the box so that the weight is more evenly distributed, thus reducing the chances of the box falling on the floor when I go to take it out the fridge


when i scratch one leg/arm/side/whatever, i then have to do the same on the other side to even it out.


also get urges to press a certain button on my phone or the remote control even if it will do the opposite of what i want to do, like exit an app or turn the tv off (with the remote i just point it into myself and then press it and it won’t have any effect, with my phone i can hold the button down and bring up the active apps list instead)


Avoid going in the same shop twice in one day
Even if I’d like to, I’ll just go to a different shop despite it adding a few minutes on the journey
Don’t wanna see overly keen do I


I do have a sort of similar thing but for me it’s only if it’s a right limb sensation, and I am right handed.

It pretty much comes down to having to step on bubbly pavement tiles with the left foot if I have put the right foot on them.

It has lessened as I’ve got older but I am glad wedding rings are for the left hand as I couldn’t take only having a ring on my right.


I used to have something similar except it was making sure that i stepped on consecutive even numbers of drains or manhole covers. Took me years to make myself comfortable with stepping on odd numbers.


When I want a short break at work I’ll go stand in the toilet cubicle and play football manager on my phone.


I totally get you with the eggs thing. But I don’t keep my eggs in a box. Or in the fridge. But, yeah, I’m on board.


i do this as well launchpad, but i don’t keep eggs in the fridge as i’m not psychotic


hahaha :slight_smile:


Paper money in my pocket is always in denominational order with the Queen’s head in the same place.


I have a slightly similar thing where if I nearly touch something (door frame, handles, anything, really…) then I have an urge to go back and do a definite touch. Right now my little finger was nearly touching the bottom of my phone. And I succumbed to making a definite connection rather than have it hanging there in the excruciating near vicinity.

I’ve a vague notion it’s something to do with a friend telling me that the sun would blow up if you don’t properly touch stuff. Or something. 28, we were! (We were about 3 or 4.)

(Lotta talk of touching in this reply. Hmmmmm.)


i do this as well


yer maw


Dance with myself in the mirror.


make ‘your mum’ jokes


Cock facing?


You might wanna rename this ‘the OCD thread’?! :wink:


Yeah I do this. Not Football Manager though, usually just go on Facebook or play a game. Another girl in my team does it too. It’s good, helps break the day up!


Defo the egg thing. Regardless of the number left.