Things that you don't know what the price of them should be and there's no real comparison as they aren't

necessarily located near each other*

Christmas trees

*140 character title max

Pint of milk

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What size Christmas tree? Non-drop or Norwegian fir?

Nordmann 6-7ft. Think I spent £50 last year and scored one at lunchtime for £35. Maybe next year I will pay £70 and then the following £7.50


70 pence

Didn’t ask

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Our 6 footers are £38.99, 7ft are £41.99 so you’ve got yourself a good deal there.

Sometimes they try and charge me £150 if I cba to tell them my meter reading, then it turns out to be like £30-40 and I’m like, is that equivalent to 30-40 bottles of drinking water? idk

I mean it should be free

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It was at a weird turf selling place that was essentially someone’s house. They had a fenced off pool.

I am merely arming you with that information for future reference.

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I’ll forget it, it’s not relevant to my interests.

We should all have rivers with fresh lush water. To drink. To swim in. To power our pods.


Ripping off Tories and getting your Christmas tree sorted? A good day’s work.

It should be free but compared to other shit it is pretty cheap. All the water you can drink and wash in and shit through for just over a quid a day?!


It’s free in Sturgeontopia.

The Taff’s a pretty great river but it flows fairly ferociously. Good fish living in it apparently, although sometimes you see like an entire tree heading off.

Bus tickets in any city/town that isn’t my hometown or London

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Additional insurance on a rental car.