Things that you don't know what the price of them should be and there's no real comparison as they aren't

Airport parking.

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Tell you what pisses me off about water companies, always trying to get me to insure THEIR pipes that lead upto my house. Fuck off cunts, I consider those your pipes!

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£2 single, £4 all-dayer

Send them back and put in your own

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£ 30 - £40

£0.45 - £0.55

£200 - £250 p/year

£3 - £5

£100 - £150

£20 - £50 p/day


I just got one from ikea for £29. Some pricks before me got a big tall one. Still only £29. Mine is about 5ft 7?

yeah sounds about right, per person though

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I’m all about the independents, gives your tree a more festive warmth.

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hey balonz what should petrol cost

£1 - £4 (depending on size)

Does or should?

Does ~£1.25 a litre.

Should? A lot less but then that would encourage more driving. So it’s tricky.

£2 a litre but all the profits go into subsidising Christmas Trees, water, milk and airport parking.

What if someone wanted to patent some sort of milk delivery system?

didn’t ask

I get £20 to spend in Ikea in January though?
So really my tree was £9.

Enjoy the chill coming off your corporate tree!

(minimum 40-45 minute to the nearest Ikea)

I’d be extremely concerned about my employer’s sudden change in direction.

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Six foot is a lot of milk, to be fair.


Maybe it would be if the English stopped stealing it


It’s £10 a foot here in London, though the guy sold me a 3.5 footer for £30 on the proviso I didn’t tell his boss. Merry Christmas!

Fucking hell, I should have loaded up on them and driven up to the big smoke!