Things that you follow despite having no personal interest in them

For me it’s the Pokémon Go thread on here. Good wholesome DiSing in there, but I’ve got no compulsion to ever get my Pokéballs out and join in. Bit too penoid for me.




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I often have to perform administrative and more direct action based tasks for my partner’s Pokemon Go whilst she drives.


High praise indeed!


Do you ever pretend to not understand what you’re doing and have accidentally deleted one of the good Poképersons?

similarly I sometimes lurk in the Switch thread
prefer reading about video games to actually playing them


I do this too, although it has started making me want a Switch

No. I have a very good grasp of the Kanto region beasts but I have to ask regarding the other, newer regions. I got a bit of an earful for deleting 10 Pokeballs without getting pre-approval the other day in order to be able to visit Pokestops.

Still pretty obsessed by an Oasis fanpage on Instagram which, inexplicably, has 19k followers for what is essentially an account that posts pictures of Oasis, the Beatles and the Stone Roses.

I feel a little like this with wrestling. Aside from a 6 month period in 2008, I’ve not watched wrestling regularly since 2002, and when I do watch standard events (ie. not Wrestlemania or Royal Rumble) I find them quite dull. Despite this I still watch the two aforementioned events every year, and read a silly amount of stuff online about the goings on behind the scenes.


Maybe the amount of vegan stuff I follow on Instagram and Twitter counts for this? I’m just trying to find food that won’t give me surprise bum wee ffs.

The DiS music forum.

yeah exactly this. find actual wrestling really quite dull

The life of Courtney Stodden


Me too!

But I have always had a personal interest in here.

My old profile still has her picture on :smiley:

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The Love Island thread here, and Westworld


I always read the console gaming threads. Last game I bought for anything was GTA5. Don’t even have a PS4, whatever the new Xbox is, or a Switch (never seen one either). Just convince myself I like games and getting excited about stuff coming out that I won’t play.

This. I can fall down a massive World of Warcraft lore-hole. Still listen to podcasts about the game, haven’t played it for the last two expansions. Just a 20+ year old story I like to catch-up on now and then.