Things that you have never finished

Pretty sure I have never finished an aftershave. Don’t really wear them at all anymore and cannot think of putting an empty one in a bin.

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Gravity’s Rainbow


Couldn’t see past the tears? Although I suppose the holistic beauty doesn’t hit you until the end.


This repl


Don Dellilo Underworld (started it like 4 times)
Infinite Jest (three times).

I don’t give a fuck if you have read either of these, you’re not better than me you absolute wankerchief.

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when you say aftershave, do you mean the splash on your face one or the spray one?

This needs further examination.

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Prior to having kids: a tub of sudocrem
Since having kids: get through a couple a year easy


A cryptic crossword


All of them, blutz. Anything smelly that you dab or spray behind your ears to try and fool people you would like to have sex with that you aren’t a smelly.

the king on netflix

might finish it tonight

Half-Life 2
Thief the Dark Project 2
Sam & Max
Breaking Bad
Wind up Bird Chronicle
Suicide Squad
The Last Boyscout
Temple Run

(Off the top of my head.)

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interesting. i’m wondering if you’ve ever found the right one? what I mean is I’ve never finished ones given cheap as gifts etc but find I finish the ones I like

I could never do the FINISH HIM moves on Mortal Kombat, if that counts

stopped watching 5 episodes from the end. not really sure why, i was enjoying it. too long has passed now, don’t think i’ll ever watch it.


I have owned some Davidoff Cool Water so I have definitely had the right one at some stage.

Naked Lunch
A Clockwork Orange

few other books probably

Lotus 49 model car
‘Passage to India’

Almost finished a bottle of Siracha sauce after 3 years. Just half a cm left.

“Once opened consume within 8 weeks” my arse.

A jar of shrimp paste.

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