Things that you say to people you don't really know because you assume (almost always incorrectly) that they'll want to talk about them

Inspired by our good friend (maybe even best friend) @Scott_Chegg talking to a Nuclear Engineer about TV’s Chernobyl.

There was a bit once when I was staying in a hostel and me and a pal got chatting to a couple of girls who mentioned they were from Finland so we immediately started asking them about Jari Litmanen and they walked away.



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Oh my. What a wonderful day today turned out to be


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If I ever met a member of Eiffel 65, I imagine I would ask them about the song Blue, and how its verse is surprisingly strange


I try to treat you all equally, as one best friend entity

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this isn’t something i say so hopefully you’ll allow it within the confines of this thread, but we had a period where we were often on conference calls with colleagues from Australia, and 9 times out of 10 someone from my end would ask about barbecues. after a few weeks you could tell they were getting a bit irked and just stopped engaging with it.

this post may or may not be influenced by just having got off a call with some Australians (no barbecues were mentioned)


Remember doing a 3 day training course a few years ago with a big Welsh guy. My opening line was: “Welsh. Big guy: what’s your rugby position?”
He got very uppity and critical, saying about how just because he’s Welsh and just because he’s a big solid guy everyone automatically assumes he has to play rugby, proper mardy he was.

He was a prop forward. Mardy git.


Oh a duck are ya? How do you get on with bread? Is it really bad for you?


Think I’m banned from POTW noms again or else this would have one

Met some dentists at a party recently, talked with them about teeth for an hour. Can’t even remember their names.


Molars, canines and incisors are the main ones I think


That’s as good as, if not better than, a nomination imo

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Oh this is good, I like this.

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In my opinion, stuff like this is properly funny and brilliant

My hairdresser always tries this with me. Generally starts with, so did you go to X local event like carnival etc. Me, no. Her, oh. How about X? Me, no.

Her do you watch Love Island? No. Any other realiyy show that may be on? She goes through them all…me, no.

Her…so, how’s your mum?? :joy:


Would never do this.

Just had a haircut and was relieved that this one was a football fan. Absolutely hate the talk-to-the-hairdresser process otherwise.

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There must be a line though? If someone wanted to spend an entire party talking to me about spreadsheets I’d probably make an excuse and leave.

anyone with a dog - “does it like posties”

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