Things that you used to avoid that now you look forward to


Running for me. Put exercise off for my whole time at uni. Now I run 3 or 4 times a week (depending) and it’s one of my favorite things to do.

I think in part because I have finally got in the habit of using my inhaler before running. I mean I used to think that clearing your phlegm filled lungs was just the normal thing to do after exercising. Running is easy by comparison when you can actually breath properly!

What about you lot? Any hate that you have come to enjoy as you have got older.


Confronting people who fucked me off :japanese_goblin:


Actually I’ve got a question about how far to go with this help me out DiS

Started a shit temp job that I don’t care about beyond the 9 week contract. Team leader is a weird woman who tried to make me do something I don’t have to and I refused. She took real offence to this and started telling managers about how unruly and defiant I am. I got moved to another team and cleared everything up with the managers who told me to basically forget it as this team leader isn’t important enough to cause any trouble. I left it, but people on my old team have told me that she is still going on about me to other managers who don’t know me and lying her face off. This woman is pretty stupid because she told my team all sorts about the managers (personal stuff she shouldn’t pass on) and if I wanted to pass this info on she would for sure get fired. This job is her life so I don’t want her fired, but she’s going too far already. If I tell the managers what she’s doing, the team member who told me will be dropped in it. If I stay quiet these people are responsible for my bonuses and I don’t want them to mess with it (its such a stupid petty environment and they would undercut people they don’t like)

tl;dr a woman at work is causing me trouble and I could report her but get her fired, but if I stay quiet I will lose out on bonuses, should I take the moral high ground or grass her up???


This sounds like a petty office spat. I swear work makes everyone boring petty bastards. If you want to involve yourself in petty battles, or think that she is going to make the life miserable for other temp workers go for it. Otherwise little point, get your head down, do your job then be done with it.


Could you have a quick meeting with her to ‘clear the air’ where you’re all butter wouldn’t melt professional and “I’m so glad we had this conversation” and stuff, so she then feels she has to be nice to you or at least cut back on the badmouthing?


@Sketches and @mroc you both make great points :dizzy_face:

And I tried talking to her like that but she was really argumentative and hostile so I just left it! I could try talking to her again but that will mean the girls who told me what’s going on will be dragged into it argh


Schedule an official ‘clearing the air’ meeting and invite her boss maybe? Or just dob her in and get her in the shit, she’d have nobody to blame but herself


going to bed, probably


I think I’ll do that with her boss if the people on the other team see her doing anything again!


Sort of warming to Christmas. Had always found it the most annoying part of the year, mainly the build up - a month of unnatural boozing patterns, disgraceful consumerism, ridiculous travel and stress. Then the actual event* is often taken as an opportunity for unashamed gluttony followed by regret, skintness and the January blues and the feeling that winter (II) has been ruined because folk packed too much into the first third and left nothing for the remainder.

However…my daughter really enjoyed it last year and that made me sort of enjoy it too.

[*Caveat: as an opportunity to see family and/or friends I am totally on board with that - I realise that I am fortunate that I get to see most of mine on a regular basis anyway]


Sleeping during the day. A nap after lunch on Saturday or Sunday is brilliant. Love nor money couldn’t get me to nap as a child.