Things that you're low-key about that life

This is a thread for things that people may assume you’re not about that life but, low-key you’re about that life


Could you repost this with the phrasing “Huel? Yo, low-key? I’m about that life”

Sorry, forget what I just said. I don’t know what came over me! But…

Huel? Yo, low-key? I’m about that life.

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Tbh with you hoping_for_respect most of the time I’m either about a life or I’m not, no half measures

I don’t understand this thread, is this for the younger people of the boards?


Dance as an art form.

Good luck with the rest of your research though


Bubblegrunge? Yo, low-key? I’m about that life.


I read it as “stuff you like that people would not assume you liked” but now I’m doubting myself and I’m worried about death.

Sorry, I was just hanging some laundry up and forgot to tend to my thread

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I think you need to attend to your grammar instead of the washing young man!!!



Multiple friends literally double take when I express any sort of views or knowledge about SPORTSBALL

Also meditation. My app says I’ve done 27 hours since I got it in the summer

All I read these days is books about fixing your :brain:

i’m pretty open about it on here, but think people generally would be surprised i’m so into hollyoaks

i really dislike it when people i assume to be a fellow member of No Sports Club turn out to be an unlikely sport fan

unless it’s some rubbish american sport because that doesn’t really count

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Sorry to disappoint

finding out Alex Horne is really into football was a blow