Things there are no words in our language for

  • The crease in your arm opposite your elbow. Like an elbow pit, but if you say elbow pit then I imagine a pit full of elbows.
  • The crease in your leg opposite your knee. Like a knee pit, but then there’s all those knees again.
  • The smell on people’s breath when they’ve been hitting the sauce hard the night before.

alright, Douglas Adams and John Lloyd.

@ma0sm you could fall in a pit of elbows and still come out sucking your own elbow


I thought tennis was a word

Wait, I might be wrong

ngl, read all the Hitchhikers Guide books a few years back and really didn’t enjoy them at all

Maybe it’s short for “Ten is too many to play this game of racquetballsport”

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‘Flaked horn’

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Has attempted to make an English version of Hygge or Gezellig?

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Gezellig? No made up copycat Dutch bullshit in here please.

Can’t believe the Dutch section doesn’t have gezellig

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How about crescent bread?

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