Things to do in Baltimore

Likely to be heading over there for work in a few months. Anyone bee? Things to do and see over there?

I’ve been there for work. Sadly it’s not the best place really to be a tourist, the centre of town isn’t the most inspiring of places and walk outside of there a block or two and it becomes extremely edgy very very quickly. If you’re into sports then the Orioles (baseball) would be a good way to spend a spare evening. We found some places to eat/drink in the centre that were fine. if you’re with locals then take them up on the offer to show you around

If you’ve not been to DC and have time, then I’d suggest a day trip out there. The train takes less than an hour and you can get a bike and cycle around the main sites of DC really easily. Nice way to see the White House/Capitol Hill/Arlington Cemetery/Lincoln Memorial etc.


Baltimore is actually kind of a dump, avoid the west end at all costs. As Jont mentioned Orioles games are cheap and fun (team is bad games will never sell out and its a nice stadium). They have the National Aquarium which is pretty cool. Fort McHenry museum is ok for some nostalgia. You may be able to catch a Ravens preseason game in a few months also if your in town late August-ish.

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Head down to Hamsterdam and buy some drugs.

It’s all in the game yo.


Edgar Allen Poe grave!
Maryland Deathfest!


Go to Nick’s Fish House (I believe it’s called) and get the crab cakes. Maryland likes to be known for their crab cakes.

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I’ve been to Baltimore. I had a good time.

Places to visit:

  • Baltimore Museum Of Art
  • Walters Art Museum
  • Peabody Library
  • Fell’s Point
  • Hampden
  • Lexington Market
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Will definitely try and fit DC in. I’m not sure how much free time i’ll have outside of work, but hopefully fit in an orieles/ravens game


I have been

I spent a semester at TSU (Towson State University) as part of my BA and for dissertation research.

that was a long time ago though so all I can recommend there that I did and can guarantee is still there is to take a trip to Camden Yards to see the Orioles play baseball

however, seems you won’t be going in baseball season?

another vote for the Aquarium & I watched the 4th of July fireworks from Fell’s Point so that was nice too

have fun!

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Also, and I know it’s not the same thing when you’re going with work as when you’re a undergraduate but, I met this local girl called Jen who was super cool and we drove around in her big, battered Oldsmobile including going ‘across the tracks’ into the so-called bad neighbourhood to score weed. Far from being the murder capital badlands it’s portrayed as in some quarters it was actually a whole other kind of cliché; kids doing double dutch on hot summer afternoons in the rainbow spray of fire hydrants, teenagers hanging on the front porch and lots of ‘pimped rides’ cruising around the block looking badass

some of my most cherished memories are driving around the projects with Jen, getting high and blissing out to Velvet Underground in her Oldsmobile and checking out the city life on the streets & basketball courts


Thanks BITT. I’ll be there in September hopefully, so the tail end of the MLB season and the start of the NFL season. Won’t have time for living up to any lovely American stereotypes but hopefully I’ll have a weekend to explore.

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