Things to do in Budapest?


Ronseal thread.

Going to Budapest in May (for my hen - thinly veiled. again.) Here are some ideas I’ve found so far: ruin bars, thermal baths (and sparties?!), wine tasting, river cruise, pinball museum and a million different bars that all sound amazing. I’d love recommendations from people who have been please.

Who's been to Budapest?

There’s a boat on the river that does gigs.
But mainly just the baths :heart:
Or the statue park. :park:


I did a hen do in Budapest. Things we did and that I would recommend:

  • Szechenyi baths
  • the ruins
  • the escape rooms

We also ate and drank a lot, and very well. If you like beer, we saw beer bikes going round all the time.

You’ll have a great time!


And dare I ask what a spartie is?




Some of the ruin bars are fantastic. The biggest one, the name escapes me, was amazing. Some are just massive tents tho.

We done one of those beer bike things and though I was apprehensive at first it was actually my favourite thing we done out there.


buda castle and the surrounding village and creepy underground tunnel system was really cool. amazing views from up there.


I went in one of the saunas at the thermal baths when I visited Budapest.

I was in one of the steam room type things along with a couple of other guys, when one of them (a middle aged Hungarian man) dropped his towel and started furiously masturbating.

I found out later a lot of gay men go there to cottage, and pick up potential partners.

I’d pick any thermal bath visits wisely, but I’d definitely recommend Buda Castle.


Sczimplakertz (sp?) is the big one, I think. Very fun place.


Szimpla Kert! Yes! Highly recommended s_s_h


Szechenyi Baths + Sauna obvs
Ruin bar area was ok
Printa (shop / gallery / cafe / print studio)
Szputnyik (vintage shop)
Menza Restaurant
Bestia Restaurant
Zing Burger for something quick
Premier Kultcafe
Telep cafe / gallery

Mai Mano House
Palace Of Arts / Ludwig Museum
Museum Of Applied Arts
House Of Terror (possibly not the right time)
St Stevens Basilica
Central Market


ah, i was thinking about the beer bikes but wasn’t sure if they were any good, so this is good to know


ooh thanks! this gives me a lot to look into :slight_smile:


No probs. Was only there a month or so ago and loved every second.

Main thing I forgot to mention was to get a ‘Budapest Card’ at a kiosk in the airport. Covers all types of transport and gives 10/15/20/30% off most places.


Széchenyi is nuts.