Things to do in dublin

going for the first time in april for a few days, hit me up with good things to do/places to eat/boozers to drink in

already definitely going to do the guinness brewery and trinity college library but other wise open to suggestions…

drink guinness


Have a horrifying sleepwalking episode.

i absolutely will not

Grab some calm in Iveagh Gardens :+1:

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looks cracking cheers!


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There’s also a Jamieson factory right near the guinness one which I think should recently be reopened when you’re there which may be worth a shot?

In terms of boozers, there’s some on like every street. Pay a visit to the Brazen Head which is the oldest one in Ireland. Temple Bar isn’t very good


Kilmainham gaol is good and worth a trip.
Whelan’s is good for drinks and bands.
Leprechaun museum is rubbish (no shit)


Yeah stay out of Temple Bar unless you really, really want to hear some live trad and pay €10 for a pint. Some good craft beers pubs are Against the Grain, Porterhouse, The Black Sheep. Whelans is good for live music as someone mentioned and is across the road from Against the Grain. If you’re around on a Tuesday it might be worth checking out the Ruby Sessions in Doyles, really good singer songwriter night. Workmans and the Grand Social are some decent late night indie venues.

If you’re interested in modern Irish history at all, you can check out the National Museum, Kilmainham Gaol, the 1916 exhibition at the GPO or the 1916 walking tour.

For food, The Counter and Bunsen are great for burgers, Bear is good for steaks, Crackbird for buckets of chicken, Skinflint for pizzas, Boojum for burritos.

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Oh, for more traditional pubs that do great Guinness and aren’t too touristy, try Toners or Kehoes.

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this is great thanks man, is the temple really €10 a pint?! was considering going in for one just for a swatch but fuck paying that much

If you bump any locals, you can tell them this joke, it’s a cracker:

What’s the fastest growing city in the world?

Dublin, because its population is always doubling, which sounds like the name.

[quote=“ma0sm, post:13, topic:10841, full:true”]it’s a craicer

much like @zxcvbnm’s earlier suggestion i most certainly will not be doing this but thank you for your time all the same


yeah some of the pubs there are something like that, I think The Temple Bar and Oliver St John Gogarty’s are the worst offenders. there are some good pubs there too though, like the Porterhouse which brew all their own stuff, and The Stag’s Head isn’t too bad either. might be worth a walk through it anyway, there’s usually loads going on, buskers and markets etc.

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when I went it was about 15 euros for 2 - and that was like basic Carlsberg or whatever. also, it was super busy - it was a Wednesday night and some pubs you genuinely couldnt stand inside it was o rammed.

It’s quite near the centre-ish so it’s worth having a look, and on the outskirts of it there’s quieter places

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think the current plan is to nick in to the temple for a guinness during the day then go to some of the boozers @cutthelights has recommended later at night

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yeah probably best. if you’re going on a weekend i can imagine places being manic!

I am also going to Dublin end of March/April!!1 to play the main event.
we can drink guiness together see you there! excite!!!11

Bumping this Very Useful thread.

Going to be in Dublin for a few days in May.