Things to do in Edinburgh


Off in 2 weeks. Anyone got any good tips please?


National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery.

the Camera Obscura is pretty cool too but a bit pricey


Go to Glasgow



What type of things do you like doing?


None of that! :stuck_out_tongue:


Surgeons hall museum
National museum of Scotland
Portrait gallery
National gallery of Scotland
Modern art galleries
Walk up Arthur’s seat
Walk up the Crags

Then there’s the touristy things like -

The castle
Camera obscura
Greyfriars bobby
Other stuff I’ve probably forgotten about!

If you want to know about pubs etc I can help with that also!


Excellent ill have a look deeper, thanka!

My friend mentioned something the royal mile?


Ah yeah, it’s got that shop CCB showed on it, or at least shops similarly full of tat! :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s a cool street, take a walk up it. There’s whisky shops, (royal mile whiskers, cadenheads) cafes, restaurants (angels with bagpipes is nice and does a good lunch menu, that’s the only place I’ve been) and the castle is at the top! It’s really close to the national museum of Scotland and the surgeons hall museum which I highly recommend. If you walk down the mound from it it’ll take you to princes st and the national gallery. Camera obscura is on it too :slight_smile:


Gonna have to agree with this


Another vote for Glasgow.

Although if you’re a meat-eater, Shabeen is an excellent place for South African-style BBQ.


Sorry @TKC - that was for you.


Brilliant thank you very much!


Sounds good. Ill have a gander thabnks


as much as I love Glasgow, Glaswegians have a tendency to pretend there’s no point in going to Edinburgh. ignore the cunts, it’s a beautiful place.


I don’t think anyone from Glasgow denies Edinburgh’s beauty, that’s not really where the bants rivalry comes from (ALTHOUGH WE’RE BEAUTIFUL TOO FU)


it’s just that… .Glasgow’s better?


Saw the thread title, came here to post this. Damn you for getting here first!


We like to go to the jazz club on Chambers Street. There are some pretty cool places up and down the Royal Mile too. The Storytelling Centre has loads of events on and the People’s History museum makes you feel all red and proud.

I find Edinburgh and Glasgow completely different. Depends what you want to do I guess.


Calton Hill Observatory
Eating at Timberyard
Drinking at Blue Blazer (hanging bat is nice too)
Loads of good museum stuff already mentioned above (surgeon’s hall, national museum, portrait gallery)
Lots of nice places to eat in Leith

Have fun, you up for the Rugby?