Things to do in GLASGOW (#298423987)

I know there’s been a lot of Glasgow threads recently but rather than hijacking anyone elses

I’ve found myself with a couple of days in Glasgow this weekend where I will be riding solo

Anyone got any recommendations of what to do in the day, and any good bars/pubs? (ideally one on Friday showing the Villa game)


Train through to Edinburgh so you can see the house I grew up in at Drumgelloch station. Then get back on the train because Edinburgh’s shite.


can’t wait!


The Lighthouse is great

Alongside good exhibitions it has two viewing platforms with pretty unrivalled views of the city.

(Low-level only)

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Drygate is good and usually has the football on in the beer hall (didn’t last night and was mildly irked)

Set up a Glasgow meat

I’m just about to start a thread for this actually. When are you back from travelling?

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boozers -
for the football try tennent’s bar on byres road in the west, if you end up in that end of the city also try and nick into the ubiquitous chip, it’s great on a cold day with the open fire

food -
for pizza - paesano (on miller street in the city centre or great western road in the west)
for curry - mother india cafe

exhibition -
this is on just now

kelvingrove museum is also good for a wander around and is free

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December- if I don’t end up going somewhere else but defo by Christmas

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If you like crap football Queens Park are at home on Saturday.

cheers all!

Bumping this because I might be spending a day and night in Glasgow with the family in a few months.

Where’s a good area to get an AirBnB? (We won’t have a car, probably). Good bars, restaurants, stuff to know?

West end. Bars and restaurants up the wazoo, museums, parks, nice architecture and underground stations to the city centre. Anywhere within walking distance to Byres Road will do you right.

Oh and all the best dissers


Can anyone recommend restaurants (preferably West End ish or with decent parking) suitable for a group of 8; not too dear? We’re looking for Sunday lunch.

The places I’ve tried are booked already or closed on Sunday.

The Bothy do a good Sunday lunch.

It’s down Ruthven Lane but on-street parking is free in the surrounding streets on a Sunday.

I have seen this place but the name put me off.

I’ll have another look.

That looks really good!

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