Things to do in... LIVERPOOL

i think there’s some kind of boat across some sort of water

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Tate, Maritime Museum, Baltic Market

Baltic Bakehouse for breakfast or lunch
Love Lane Brewery for beer

Both in the Baltic Triangle area.

Madre for dinner (menu by London’s Breddos Tacos) - Albert Dock

Ship & Mitre. Some other pubs that were the size of people’s livingrooms. The spoons in the station. #tourismguideawardwinner2022

Go to Runcorn and have a look at the Ethelfleda Viaduct

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Some of the tips in the last thread are nice. Petit cafe du coin being my fave. Maray for lunch. See both cathedrals. Go to Fact for a film or exhibition. See if there’s an outdoor film on at St Luke’s the Bombed out church. If you’re there for 10am on a sat morning do the queensway tunnel tour. Make sure you wander up and down Water Street if you like architecture.

Oh and I’ve not done it and generally avoid this sort of thing but the Shiverpool ghost tour has won loads of awards so quite curious to try that.

I wrote the word “do’t” in that post.

Gonna be thinking about that for a while.


Seconding this

I want to go see the red squirrels in Formby next time I’m in the area

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These are all right answers.
If you like Spanish food, Lunya on Bold Street is, according to an acquaintance, brilliant (Lunya Liverpool - Lunya).
The Tate and the Walker galleries are well worth a visit.
EDIT: sorry, this wasn’t meant to be a reply to songforsaturday.


Lime Street - train back to London.


Quick stop at O’Sheas on the way.


I enjoy odd stuff like this:

And then get a connecting train to St Pancras International and then the Eurostar to Amsterdam!!


Sanskruti (vegan curry)
Lunya (tapas)
Wreckfish (expensive gourmet shit)
Outpost (vegan pizza)
Big bowl (noodles/ramen)
Mr chilli (Chinese)
Madre (tacos)
Maray (Indian)

The Grapes (Roscoe St)
Dead crafty
Ship & mitre
The bridewell
Carnival tap room


RIP Quiggins :cry:


Magical place

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I went there aged 17. Peak time to visit IMHO. All metal crow notebooks, incense and band t shirts.

I loved it.

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Think it especially resonated coming from the Isle of Man. We only had one alternative shop, called Black and Blue,and it was tiny and sold baggy jeans.

A whole emporium was like woahhhh

Go to Ca Va. Loads of tequila flavours all for a £1

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