Things to do in London with literally no money


I have quite literally no money and am in London. Anything worth doing preferably within walking distance of Holloway Road tube station (Im staying there) don’t mind walking far. Like 2 hours round trip max though.

But general tips are always appreciated of how to enjoy London on the cheap. I’m working 2 days a week here now so it would be appreciated!


Unfortunately there are no free museums, parks or galleries to visit


Arsenal FC!!!

Nah go to Highgate Cemetery, visit Marx’s grave.


It’s a lovely day, go for a walk around any of the parks innit. Wander from Holloway Road to Regents Park, look at the geese for a bit, headphones in, take a book maybe. Lovely stuff.


peer through windows, rummage through bins…


Go round all the canals in Camden, if the weather’s nice it’ll be really lovely.


That’ll be £4 please.


offer to shine guv’nors shoes


Just as he would’ve wanted


Loads and it would be lovely if you could suggest some gems


hello i am in london on 27 and 28 and possibly 29 june so pls suggest things for me to do as well. staying in camden coz thats where my office is


Download Grindr, make a few quid


Yeah im no desperate for money. I have enough food and will be paid fairly soon. More just ways to kill the time till I’m paid.


DiS Meat


Museum of London - about an hour’s walk from Holloway Road.


delicious! (yes)


Yeah that and the whole barbican area is a pretty regularly trip. Always good.


Although there isn’t much free stuff going on atm.


The Wellcome Collection isn’t it


Good shout! Havent been in a long time