Things to do in London with literally no money

Nah but it’s nice to have a wonder around the estates then slowly make your way to the museum of London

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is there one already organised that i have ignored or is this a suggestion bee tee double you


everyone loves to see andyvine

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ah what a nice thing to say <3 ok we;ll sort summat

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In London next week too - recommendations for great restaurants would be appreciated! I’m staying near archway tube

Lovely this is exactly the sort of recommendation I was after. Something I didn’t know about that looked interesting

Any free talks, lecturers, or events that don’t need alcohol would also be appreciated


sit in the park and work on your tan.

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Last night, me and my Dad went for curry at the Indian YMCA near Warren Street. £8.50 and you can go for seconds/thirds.


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one of the absolute daddys of london walking:


walk the river thames from like, london bridge to battersea and then walk round the new battersea estate which is insane