Things to do in Nottingham

Going for a weekend with some mates soon.

Any good things to do activity-wise? Or good pubs/bars/restaurants?

there’s a bar call The Tap House, which is a decent enough beer place, but has the novelty of being a self-pour place, which is fun. does pizza too

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went to a rock pub called the Old Salutation which has a cave system underneath. They let us go down and see them, but probably because it was 10.30am and no one else was there


IIRC the Old Sal does rock karaoke too, at least it did a million years ago when I lived in Nottingham.

If you like the sound of pubs with caves, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is worth visiting.

Last time I was there my brother recommended Viet 80s for food but I still haven’t been.

@jordan_229 will probably have the best recs


Restaurants - kushi ya, wonderpho

Bars - Yok-ocho, Tropichol, 400 rabbits, chameleon (venue) in the centre are all good for cocktails and close. If you fancy a bit of a walk King Billy, Partizan, Neon Raptor in sneinton are all good for beers.


Oh yeah Everyday People (next to the aforementioned Tap House) is really good for food. Junkyard nearby is good for (pricy) bottled beers.

I also quite like Tier it can be a bit studenty. The outdoor beer garden at the bodega can be nice to chill in

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Pizza- Pizzamisu
Coffee- 200 Degrees

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ran out of beer when I went

Fuck you must have been twatted


Is it coffee flavoured?

Not been to pizzamizu yet but heard very good things

Enjoyed a brief visit about 8 years ago - if it is still there there was a really nice Ethiopian restaurant which was I think out of a room attached to the owners house.

if you’re at all interested in comics then you need to get to Page 45 on Market St. Quite possibly the best comic shop in the world!


Habesha. The owners now own another restaurant called Balageru. It’s good.

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Big fan of anywhere doing good Ethiopian food. Only had it in Berlin and Nottingham! Very glad to here they are still going in the city.


Haven’t been since I was a student (need to put that right soon tbh) so nightlife and bar recommendations are out of date, but… Broadway cinema is one of my favourite cinemas in the world. Wollaton Park and the arboretum are beautiful places for a wander on a nice day. Nottingham Contemporary fairly interesting on a rainy one. I used to love going to Rob’s records and getting lost in all the tatty old vinyl. Dunno if Hockley is still the hipster neighbourhood, but used to be full of vintage stores, record shops, second hand books and stuff.

Lovely small city to wander around and get lost in for a couple of days IMO.


Oscar and Rosies have closed down now, but yes it was very nice.

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Pizzamisu (pizza)
Slicenbrew (pizza)
Bohns (burgers)
Yamas (Greek)
Kushi-ya (Japanese)
Everyday people (Japanese)
Mesa (fusion)


King Billy
Sir John Borlase
Old Trip
Bath Inn
The Lion
The Gladstone


400 rabbits
6 Richmond House
Binks Yard (great outside area)

Gig venues:

The Chameleon, Stuck On a Name and JT Soars have gigs on most weekends for around a fiver and the second two are byob

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Just going to add to the growing list of recommendations…

Malt Cross
The Canal House
The Angel Microbrewery
Fox & Grapes
Six Barrel Drafthouse (Carlton St)
The Kilpin Beer Cafe (next-door to The Junkyard that Jordan mentioned further up the thread)

Annie’s Burger Shack

Lost City Adventure Golf (In the Cornerhouse)

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