Things to do in...Oslo!

Got any recs?

@whiterussian to thread


I’ve never been.


When are you going and how much time do you have? I’m at a festival all weekend but will def type up some recommendagions when I’m back home in Oslo :nerd_face:

Also what kind of things? Food/drinks, shops, sightseeing, etc?

Vigeland Park is nice.

I bet you like black metal don’t you!? Well you should go to neseblod records then. It’s where the infamous Helvete store was and you can still go into the basement and see the black metal sign and stuff!

It’s kind of hard for me to pick out just a few specific things after having lived here most of my life, so if you give me a few hints as to what you want to do it’ll be much easier to come up with some top notch recommendations for you :blush:

Speaking as a non-Norwegian who spent a couple of days there a few years ago

  • Munch museum
  • Viking ship museum
  • Vigeland sculpture park
  • wandering around Grünerløkka neighborhood
  • Getting a Thor’s Hammer coffee from Kaffebrennereit
  • Going for a hike in the NordMarka forest (accessible from the final metro stop on one of the lines)

Didn’t really go out drinking since I was low on funds at the time and Oslo ain’t cheap.


I feel a bit weird posting when we have whiterussian here but hopefully she/you won’t mind. Here are some of the things that I liked:

The train up to Frognerseteren (I think) is nice enough but I think you could walk for miles around the mountain it’d be so nice. We just walked down to the ski jump. There’s a photo of me (I was unaware it was being taken) and I look genuinely full of awe looking up that ski jump.
The Vigeland Park
Ekebergparken (You can go to where munch’s scream is set)
The big opera house was cool, although I’m pretty sure I got a little sunburnt just sitting outside it.
The viking museum is small, but it was cool to see a real viking ship in the wooden flesh and nearby is a lovely stretch of beaches and wooded area:,10.6706395,15.18z

Our hotel had bikes we could take out which was class for just bootin’ around on.

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SORRY! I saw this the other day and forgot haha

So we’re staying in Grunerløkka area. We like to drink and eat and swim (wild swimming, not in a pool but outdoors)
We like to at least do like one touristy thing but don’t like crowds. And something thats fun/odd/strange thing to do on holiday.

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oh yeah, munch museum was half closed when I was there and probably wasn’t worth visiting because of it.

There’s also a burrito place (everybody loves burritos) called Freddy Fuego Burrito Bar, it was nice and cheap enough when everything else is so expensive.

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Was cycling ok?
We just came back from Copenhagen where it was obvs brilliant and we love to just cycle round LOADS.

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From where our hotel was we could cycle around that peninsula in the map above, pretty much along the waterfront all the way into town and up to ebergparken. It was pretty much cycle lanes all the way. We didn’t cycle in the town so much but I’m pretty sure I saw plenty of other people do it and it looked safe and relaxed (wr will know better).

-There’s a nice graveyard in the centre of town if you like that sort of thing too.
-I liked the national art museum too
-The botanical park was nice to sit in and have lunch

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I’ve just finished typing up some tips for a friend from Oslo who’s going to London soon, how fitting!

Grünerløkka is the best area of town and there’s like hundreds of bars and cafés and stuff there so you’ll be sorted for that. Some of the classic places for drinks and/or food include Parkteatret by Olaf Ryes plass (used to be a cinema, now a bar and a concert venue), Ryes (50s type place across the square), and tiny little cocktail bar Bar Boca. For good beer gardens I would recommend Gaasa in the city centre or Månefisken a little bit further out (but only a ten minute walk from upper Grünerløkka). The latter is one of my favourite spots on a warm summer evening, as the outdoors area is right on the river.

For a touristy thing maybe check out the Astrup Fearnley museum down by the seafront. I actually haven’t been yet myself, but it’s meant to be well good and a really interesting place. If you want to bring it down to the depressing end of the scale, the 22nd of July Centre by the Government buildings is actually well worth a visit.

And you don’t need to go far for swimming! At Sørenga, close to the Opera House, they’ve built up some wooden piers and even an artificial little beach. Tends to get crowded on sunny days of course, but is really nice. Otherwise you could get a ferry out to one of the islands (Hovedøya or Langøyene probably being your best bets), or the bus out to Bygdøy or Huk.

Speaking of public transport: You should download the two apps from Ruter, one lets you buy tickets from your phone and the other is the travel planner. Oh and cycling works fine (not quite as great as Copenhagen though) and there are city bikes, but keep in mind it’s all the right hand side of the road :wink: I’ve cycled lots in the city centre and it’s fine, and as @foppyish says there are mostly bike lanes everywhere by now. And even if there’s not, just keep on the right side of the road and you’ll be fine. Watch out for tram tracks, though.

As for one slightly odder thing, the only one I can really think of is one I haven’t done myself, but have heard if actually pretty good. Some old rich man has a miniature bottle museum in the city centre! This is also right by the seafront, Akershus Festning, the city hall etc.

You’re vegan, right? I’m only vegetarian myself, but nowadays I don’t have trouble finding food most places, and keep seing a lot of “can be made vegan” etc. See if this is any help:

Oh and because I’m a film person I of course have to recommend the Cinematheque! I swear they used to have an English version of their website, although I can’t seem to find it right now.

AND ANOTHER THING: There is a place where you can borrow 2 bikes for free, get a free map with tips from locals, and ask for help for pretty much anything (and it will probably be one of my friends helping you as well): Check out UngInfo which is the home of Use-It Oslo. The centre is generally for people under 27 but tourists are welcome at any age (I don’t know how old you are).


Burritos and tacos everywhere these days, we’re mental for it over here. In general the area around Torggata and Youngstorget is good for cheap food (not exclusively, mind) – but as I’m pretty sure meo is vegan I’m not sure how much of it is relevant to her (posted about this in my big post too).

omg WR!!!
This is utterly amazing. I thank you so much!

I just looked up that swimming place and it is exactly the kind of thing we’re after. I can’t wait!

Extra nice if you get there just before the sun sets, obviously :slight_smile:

I hope you have an amazing time in my lovely city! I’ll be up north on a tiny island all summer myself.

Ohhhh just one more thing: My usual hangout for beer and music listening etc is Revolver in Møllergata, check it out <3

When we up the mountain we bought day tickets and then went to Hovedøya island in the evening, really nice place. I think I could’ve rode those boats all evening.

I was a bit jealous of your city whiterussian, well relaxed and everyone was so friendly.