Things to do in Philadelphia plz


Going there with work, aren’t I.

Joke replies welcome as anways


Why would you auto-correct always to anways


Walk the avenue, 'til your legs feel like stone.


run up the rocky steps


Go to National Mechanics. Because the bar is called National Mechanics

There’s a bar called Mac’s that is IASIP themed if you like that.

wandering aorund the old town/liberty bell area is lovely.


Eat a philly cheese steak and cry salt tears afterwards because you have no more worlds left to conquer.


City of Brotherly Love so maybe kiss a man?


Go to Monk’s Cafe, regularly voted one of the best bars in the world, and the only place on the east coast that regularly has Pliny the Elder on tap. (I’ve never been, just heard the stories from friends who have been).


Dunk breadsticks


Go to the Red Owl Tavern and have the pork with brussel sprouts. It was mega. Yes, mega. Had it twice in three days.


haggle down the price of furniture and fruit at the italian market


I thought I was only going for 3 days but now it’s 10 so more please


Go to an Eagles/76ers/flyers/phillies game. The eagles have started this season really well, so could be good if the timing works


Take the train to New York City. It only takes 90 mins.


Find out if Bardo Pond are playing.


I walked from basically the Liberty Bell place all the way out to the Art Museum/Rocky steps, down along the Schuylkill River path. Then pottered around there, and walked back downtown along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, stopping at the various museums and Rhodin sculpture garden and stuff that are on that. Then back through Reading Terminal Market for a turkey sandwich that filled me up so much I skipped my next two meals.

That’s a good morning or afternoon taken care of.


Really? Sweeeet.


megabus is only a couple of hours as well! US megabuses have more leg room, luxury.

Baltimore’s not far away either but dunno what’s there to see.


Washington DC too, loads to see and do there.


Washington is 2 hours by train