Things to do in Philadelphia plz


Baltimore is 1 hour 10 mins by train. OK for a day trip and to wander around, but no must-see attractions, unlike Washington DC or New York. Best place in the world to have Maryland crabcakes though.


Check out PAFA- they might be having a decent exhibit while you’re there. I saw a David Lynch exhibit there about two years ago, and it was fantastic.

There’s a decent record shop called Long In The Tooth, I believe.

Yeah, NYC, Baltimore,and DC aren’t too far away for a day trip. Loads of things to do in those cities.


Gonna go see Joyce Manor


EDIT posted in the wrong thread like a cunt


get yourself some of that rum ham.


Go see the Liberty Bell.

I’ve never been to Philly


Ive been cordially invited to ex-ECW legend The Sandman’s strip club by a loosely defined friend we have in common. Which sounds horrendous.

Just gonna eat a cheesesteak every night I think


Another vote for the Rocky Steps and Reading Market. And the Eastern State Penitentiary is worth checking out too.