Things to do in SAN FRANCISCO!


might be going here early next year - not going to go if there is notihng to do tho -
has anyone been? whats cool and fun and interesting to do? I like art galleries and good food and great views and just hanging out and stuff - not going to be going out and getting wasted of hitting the clubs or anything liek that

Thank you very much in advance!

San Francisco, tips plz

Hey budgie, been there quite a lot for work.
Exploratorium is a really good science museum.
Golden gate park is a nice place for a walk on a sunny day. Botanical gardens, art museum, Japanese gardens.
Walk from Ocean to Golden Gate Bridge - some really beautiful scenery along the way.
Got some good climbing gyms as well :wink:


thank you! i didn’t go climbing last week :confused: slipping!


Dancin’ on, do the boogie all night long in The Castro.


I’m going on Thursday!
I’m only going to be there for a few days and my boyfriend has already done Alcatraz so i’m a bit annoyed.


Academy of Sciences - natural history museum that has some live penguins and an albino alligator.

There’s some nice wooden steps by the Coit Tower.

Probably other stuff too.


go see the Giants, even if you’re not particularly interested in baseball, it’s a beautiful stadium and tickets are cheap (up in the bleachers)