Things to do outside of London (next week centric)


Next week, I’m going on a Vauxhall-sponsored trip around the UK to celebrate Independent Venue Week. Have kept things flexible so am currently looking for great new acts to see or interesting* venues to goto on Tuesday, Weds, and Friday. Also looking for a few good tips of places to go (coffee, cake and bizarre museums if I get a spare half hour for a detour) and stuff. Suggestions welcomed. Maybe see some of you for a pint on my travels?

Current schedule if you’d like to join me is:
Mon - Amber Arcades at Bedford Esquires
Tues - Tentatively… Huw Stephens at The Social in London
Weds - TBC Oxford
Thurs - Dead! + False Advertising at Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham
Fri - TBC - Glasgow? Leeds? Liverpool? Sheffield? York? Stoke? Manchester? Hull? Newcastle? Guildford? Southampton? Bath? Bristol? Wales?
Sat - Richard Hawley + Juanita Stein at Trades Club in Hebden Bridge
Sun - Girl Band at John Peel Centre in Stowmarket

  • = guess I should go back to the Brixton Windmill to see the dog on the roof. I am told the Hull Adelphi is a must attend venue for similar reasons but not familiar with any of the acts playing next week on the nights I can go.


Roof dog died, Sean.

RIP roof dog.

C Duncan is playing the Cluny next friday:


Interesting. Annoyingly they’re not an official Independent Venue Week venue but I’ll have a think about that. One of those venues I’ve always heard of and never been to.

PS RIP Roof Dog


Is that about that bloody van again


Well if you’re in Hebden Bridge with a spare hour to kill you could always nip up the hill to Heptonstall to see Sylvia Plath’s grave if that’s the kind of thing that floats your boat


This is on at Roll for the Soul in Bristol (a cafe/bike repair shop that also does gigs).

If you’re still in a party mood Ben UFO’s playing at the Island afterwards, which is a police station that’s been turned into a community arts space.


Bristol: never change.

What’s the music like above?


From the gig blurb:


Schande (Jen Shande) is the brainchild of Californian girl Jen. It’s her baby actually. Schande is not unlike Cat Power, but the vocals sound even more exotically fragile (in an emotional sense) than Chan Marshall’s.

Jen is a legend and its an honour to have her, plus her two new (ish) band mates - Jez (of Flemmings fame) and Gio.


I’m pleased (lucky) to have Witching Waves joining us. Scratchy, primal and ultimately gorgeous pop majesty from London and the world


Me innit. I’ll be playing 100% acoustically so listen up or get out!


Witching Waves are gr8, m8


Friday: take a break from the music, go to the Fox and Hounds in North Hykeham (just outside Lincoln) and watch a bunch of drunk Countdowners playing darts and pool.


Done a gig guide of stuff of note happening next week. Will keep adding to it.

These are all of the IVW venues btw - really nice selection