Things to do with fennel when you're (not) dead

Got too much fennel.



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Great music thread, idiot.


in retrospect this should have been on the social board

@moderators sorry!

feel free to chat about fennel related music if you like

Fennel used to go out I would know everyone that I saw
Now I go out alone if I go out at all

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thanks @whiterussian !

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That Yotters Otters paella

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Pickle it

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You could put it in the bin

wrong time of year though, really.

Done the otters chickpea soup as well, and anna jones slow cooked fennel w/pasta yesterday…

this is wasteful. you are (not) a patent boy

I was unaware that there was a paella time of year.

All I can think of is soup


The green food bin then?

summer! the most paella-y time of any year

not an aniseed fan?

In relation to this thread or just in general?

This is good

New single’s alright

Other than BBQ and maybe some super summery salad (and I guess seasonal produce) the seasons mean nothing to me. Nothing at all.