Things to remember if you go on Pointless

If that was me I would be haunted by the fear that this was the one meeting in a hundred where something important had been said and that I’d missed.

For me there is a perfect zen state where you give precisely the minimum attention required to guard against this (I reckon about 2% of your operational brain capacity) whilst devoting the rest of your brain to something rewarding.

I really needed a kip and you can always blame “ technical issues” if you get caught out. Plus I’m an old lag and am at that stage of my career where people know they have no leverage over me any more.

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I was in a meeting the other day and inadvertently let my attention slip below the crucial 2% when I realised that several people were saying my name and I had absolutely no idea why. Definitely leaned on ‘technical issues’ at that point.


Feels like a cop out when they do this

Get Matthew Crosby on there you cowards

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Sally Lindsay has replaced Osman and somehow the 'banter’is even more forced and cringy

get me on there you cowards


She was clearly very nervous, I’m sure she’ll settle in. It’s a revolving seat now though, there’s going to be a few people in the chair.

Which must make the job much harder. You only get to see the laptop screen once every revolution.


apparently they won’t be televising those bits


Saw a tiny bit of Pointless for the first time in years yesterday. The question was about clubs in the third round of the FA Cup 21/22 and my guess of Peterborough was a 1-pointer. Sadly didn’t get to see what the pointless answers were.

Think Boreham Wood and Kidderminster had cup runs last season so would have said one of them I reckon.

Both submitted as answers in the 5 mins I saw! Kidderminster was a 1-pointer and Boreham Wood was a 5-pointer.

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Kidderminster very nearly beat the mighty Hammers

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Was that the 2 goals in injury time or whatever? Remember it being on at the same time as our brave brave game against Chelsea.

I would have got a Pointless trophy and the cash yesterday. Every single one of my Hanson answers were pointless. Knew an infinite knowledge of a one hit wonder 90s boyband would come in handy one day.


An equaliser in the last seconds of stoppage time in normal time and then a winner 13 seconds from the end of extra time. One of the few times I’ve felt genuinely sorry for an opposition team.

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I also got wheres the love! So excited…

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