Things To Say Between Songs On Stage

Gosh it’s embarrassing having silence between songs when you’re playing live. It makes you look so silly and people hate your music!

Luckily someone has written this article to make this a problem of the past.

Anyone got any other ideas on things you can do to keep a crowd entertained in that boring between-song vacuum where audience members feel like they’re being ripped off?

Definitely don’t do what the lead-singer of Idles did in Cardiff a couple of weeks ago and start making rape jokes.

That is a very useful article thank you


“Thanks for coming out, we’ve got records and t-shirts at the back, this is our last song”


“Up the RA”


Anyone seen The Pictish Trail live or James Yorkston live? Both are worth seeing for the stories they tell in between their excellent songs, especially Johnny Lynch who should have his own show.


Yeah, they’re wonderful. Lone Pigeon too.

FOTL, on the other hand…

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Saw Walter Schreiffels live in Glasgow…he started talking about bees and how important they were.

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Oh good, I’m off to see lone pigeon later this week
and I do enjoy so good between song banter.

Only saw pulp once (king tuts, his n hers tour) and it’s the between song banter from Jarvis that I remember best from the show.

Also like bob Weston’s ‘any questions’ at shellac shows. More bands should do that and guarantees something fresh every night.

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In my experience, Americans seem to cope with this a lot better than us Brits, as they’re very good at spouting preachy lovey spiritual bollocks (e.g. we’re all here together as one in this moment/love will always overcome hate/you guys are special etc etc).

Lone Pigeon’s back in action? Excellent! I had no idea.

They Might Be Giants are good for the between song thing.

Great that Lone Pigeon is playing some dates, shame they’re so far from home though!

wow, wtf?

Looks like it’s just Coventry and Reading. Odd choices!

Lau are also the masters and conversation between songs.

…are the absolute best.


saw them onstage together, which was even better

think it’s only Bowie who got away with that

Public Service Broadcasting use pre-recorded voice clips for their between song banter, it’s pretty funny :slight_smile: