Things To Say Between Songs On Stage

Robyn Hitchcock has good chat, sort of absurdist standup

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I recall seeing Oneida at ATP and they introduced each song by saying, “This is a song by Oneida”. I appreciated this joke.

We tried to avoid this issue as much as possible by just making sure we rehearsed our whole set including picking songs we could play into each other as easily as possible without seeming like we’d made a mistake.

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For Mock The Week fans, maybe.

Doesn’t get much odder than Reading. Don’t think the tickets are going too well either, bogof for members of the venue so I got 2 for a tenner. Must be soul destroying to be a promoter in Reading, I’ve lived in a lot of places and the indifference here is worse than anywhere else I’ve been, particularly for good things.

Hmm. Ever been to Derby?

When I saw slint in Belfast they told us that walking around the city centre was very ‘intense’ and commented on how no one made eye contact! 10/10

To be fair, the blokes in Slint don’t exactly look like they exude confidence in the eye contact stakes.

Yep, seen them a few times together over the years. The tour with Withered Hand was really special.

yeah that was the one

must admit i find it a bit baffling that anyone could think Falco’s humour is in any way Mock The Week-esque but each to their own and all that


Because it’s not funny and it scans as “banter”.

i can’t imagine he would appreciate the comparison

Yeah, about 5 songs from the end he got one of his mates up onstage, put his arm around him and said “this is my mate, he just got out of jail for raping someone, he means a lot to me”. Needless to say there were was both a sour atmosphere and taste in the mouth throughout the rest of the gig.

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Genuinely baffled by your thoughts regarding FOTL’s between-song chat. I feel like you must have them confused with someone else, that’s the only possible explanation!

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last time i saw them it was just My Vitriol jokes! perfect DiS fodder :smiley:


Brilliant stuff, when was this, December? That’s the last time I saw them. Can’t remember the chat that well, was on the beers too much.

Need to see them again.

end of November, so earlier on the same tour yeah. main one i remember:

“Someone sent me a link where they accused me of starting an Internet campaign against them. The only internet campaign against them is their own cellular structure.”

‘someone’ :wink:

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:smiley: i never saw this link, where did they say it?