Things we should consider making colder 🧊

So you can purchase and make iced coffee, and of course iced tea is thing. But why not iced Yorkshire tea with milk? Why is that not a readily available item? I think it would be nice.

Feel like we’ve not even begun to reach the full potential of ice lollies, either. Was thawing out a frozen chicken flavoured cat paste for her yesterday and for a fleeting second thought “well, I’d give something similar a try.” And why not? Savoury ice pops. I like mint choc chip, why not minted gravy?

Frozen custard. That’s not even that out there IMO and yet no one’s done it cause everyone else is a coward.

Booze, as well. That’s not reached it’s potential. Frozen polish lager. Bet none of you have tried that. Well I did once and it was fine.

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It’s a thing:

I think frozen custard just makes ice cream. At least when we had an ice cream machine every recipe seemed to start with making a custard, then adding a flavour and then freezing.

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OKAY FINE so custard has been done.

Whatever. There are others. I know they are. I can feel it in my bones.

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Socks. Nice pair of cold socks for the hot weather. Like those feet warmers but in reverse


YES. Now we’re cooking with gas.

Those cooling mats you get for pets, that don’t even need freezing, they get cool cause of pressure applied to them. MAKE SHORTS OUT OF THAT MATERIAL. No more hot arses!!!

@Epimer get in here

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we should make this colder


The planet :sunglasses:


Now we’re cooking with ice!!

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Cold lava. Chilly rock putty, draped around the shoulders

(skip to 11m30s if that link doesn’t work)


Loo roll. Imagine that refreshing cool wipe


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:smiley: amazing haha

Rock putty

I nearly ground my teeth into dust watching John Torode repeatedly translate “Oeufs à la Neige” as “Floating Eggs” on Masterchef last night.

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Might have a bowl of frozen peas, like a pet rat

Oh no, then I’d get cold tits

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