Things what you drew

Artwork for 2021 calendar. You can find out more in this thread- 2021 calendars


I got some linocutting stuff for my birthday so here’s some simian pals I did over the weekend. Fun and fairly easy craft, would recommend


They are great!

I’ve wanted to do lino cutting since school but they only let the double art kids use the stuff, not the mere single art pupils like myself.

Couldn’t find a good picture to steal for my Dungeons and Dragons character (need one for a token to show where you are on the map, ideally), so I tried drawing my own and I’m impressed how it turned out, I can never usually draw faces at all.


Are you really doing lino cutting if you don’t stab yourself in the hand at least once and baptise the artwork with blood?

Blood makes cheap ink

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My blood is very expensive O-, sought after by all blood banks. Unfortunately I’m a bad candidate for blood donation because I frequently have to take steroids that bar me, and I have low blood pressure that makes it hard to get it out and makes me faint.

So all that rare blood, all for me.

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Can’t believe I’ve never clicked on this thread before, in awe of all the talent here.

Really wish I could unsee the ‘hug machine’ though. Guess what’s going to be visiting my dreams tonight :grimacing:


Not quite drew but created in Photoshop- I made something stupid and fun - a free Photoshop mockup template for creating fake 8 track tapes. You can download it at


The printed posters arrived and I’m really pleased with how they came out. There’s about 13 left unsold I think, so if you want one they’re £20 at


Hope your festival still managed to go ahead - such nice work! :slight_smile:

Luckily the curator is a web developer as a day job, so she’s managed to move it online really well.

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got some oil pastels and they’re great, can draw any old shit and it looks good


Bottle garden design I did as calendar artwork. (Calendar thread here 2021 calendars )


These are so cool :heart:

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Zentangles: not my usual thing but I did find the process pretty relaxing, which is the whole point I suppose: